Child Advocates of Silicon Valley


Our CASAs love what they do! Some of our CASAs express what this role means to them:

CASA Dan with child Luis "My role as a CASA is to help my advocate youth learn to appropriately rely on other people and how to create trusting relationships. As a CASA, you cannot “fix” a child or solve all of their problems. Hopefully you create a space where they feel more comfortable accessing their own truth so they can blossom into their best selves.” Dan Romanski, CASA volunteer to Luis, age 18
CASA Volunteer

“After I retired, I couldn’t see myself being idle. I knew I wanted to give back so I volunteered to be a CASA. I tell anyone thinking about volunteering that being a CASA is a great way to utilize your nurturing skills outside of your immediate family. I am so fulfilled by doing this work.” – Susan Maciel-Finley, CASA volunteer and Mentor

CASA Gaylene and Karen

“All children need support systems. Even though children in foster care have attorneys, foster parents, social workers and therapists, a CASA brings real heart into a child’s life by focusing on that child individually. We are with that child by choice because we really care and want to make a difference as they navigate through a difficult time in their life.” – Gaylene Austin, CASA volunteer to Karen and Mentor